Every homeowner dreams of having that picture-perfect cooking space. Though your idea of a perfect kitchen may be different from the person next to you, a kitchen that features both functionality and style will never be considered bad. That’s why below, we’ve gathered some of the best remodeling ideas that not only scores high in design but also in functionality to inspire you for your next remodeling project.


Gone are the days when the kitchen is an island on its own. It’s time to break down those walls and embrace the beauty and functionality of an open layout kitchen. With an open layout, the kitchen is no longer only space for cooking but also a space for interaction and recreation. By tearing down the walls, there’ll be an interconnectedness with your living spaces thus making the kitchen feel homier and more extensive than it is.


An excellent and natural lighting plays a significant role in making your kitchen more inviting than your two-bit cooking space. By utilizing high-ceilings coupled with strategically placed large windows, you can immediately elevate your kitchen into something more luxurious, open, and appealing. High-ceilings reduces the cramped feeling most kitchens by allowing the circulation of air and natural sunlight. Besides that, it’s also very versatile when it comes to decorating ideas. You can quickly achieve a rustic look by adding wooden beams or a contemporary look with choice chandeliers. And oh, did I mention that high-ceilings also increase the resale value of homes?


Induction cooking is another way of leveling up your kitchen functionality without sacrificing the aesthetics. Induction cooktops are sleek looking burners that utilize electromagnetic field to produce heat for cooking. With it, not only will you experience the ease of electric powered stoves but also the control that traditional gas-stoves provide. But that’s not all since induction cooktops are sleek and less bulky than your traditional oven, you won’t be limited you’re your design ideas! Really, what’s not to love?


Before, glossy countertops and shiny appliances are all the rage when it comes to kitchen design. Somehow, we had the idea that the brighter the appliances are, the better they look. But nowadays, the opposite is true. Matte-colored cabinets and appliances can seriously boost the appeal of your kitchen with its simple sophistication. Also, the matte color blends well with plenty of kitchen utensils and does not stain as easily as their glossy counterparts. Yes, no more annoying fingerprints.


We are now slowly but surely abolishing the idea that the more, the better. Sometimes, a simplistic design can outshine even the most opulent design with its quiet grace. That’s true for kitchen designs too. Contrary to popular belief, minimalist does not mean dull and lifestyle. It’s equal parts tranquil and refined. By embracing minimalist design, you’re ridding your unnecessary kitchen clutter and transforming it into a cozy Zen space that you can relax in and enjoy cooking as much as you want.